pork skins microwave puff machine

The pork skins puff equipment uses microwaves to heat the material, which overcomes the problem of oil content in the product caused by frying and puffing. It is not fried, saves labor,  no oil fume, and saves energy consumption.

Pork skins microwave puff machine

The pork skins are raw materials of meat products with high protein content. But normally the pork skins need to be fried before using. Not only increases the difficulty of processing, but also destroys the nutritional content. So there are many waste on pork skin every year.

The microwave machine could puff the pork skin directly without oil, reduce the difficulty of processing. After puffing, the volume of skin increases more than ten times than the original, and the hair root disappears, so it can be eaten directly or processed into other food materials.

The microwave equipment adopts a non-contact integral heating method, so that the overall temperature of the material rises sharply, and a vapor pressure gradient appears in the material. When the pressure exceeds the bearing capacity of the fiber structure, the purpose of rapid expansion puff of the material is achieved.

puff pork skin

The puff skin could be eat directly, or add to other food processing like sausage. And as good protein, it could be also added into animal feed. The high nutrtion could be used in cosmetics and health products.

Machine specification.
1.Machine: AVN30kw
2.Power: 30kw
3. Dimension:11600*1360*1700mm
4. Working:continuously
5. Puff temperature:100-120 degree
6. Capacity: 70-80 Kg per hour.

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