Prawn Cracker Microwave Puff machine

Prawn Cracker Microwave Puff machine adopt the Microwave puffing technology. Suits on many products like animal skin, bone, belly and so on.

Prawn Cracker Microwave Puff machine

Microwave puff equipment is a new normal-pressure puffing technology that uses microwave radiation to heat, the moisture absorbs heat and vaporizes in the material, make expand of food material. This snacks puff tecnology will make snacks more healthy without oil frying. It is well suit on the Non-oil fryed Prawn Cracker.

Microwave puffing technology applications in other fields.
Microwave puffing technology is widely used in prawn cracker,pet food, fish skin, fish bone, pig skin, fish belly, skin belly, grilled shrimp, pork skin, shrimp chips, etc.

The advantage of microwave puffing technology.
Microwave puffing technology has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. Its products have good swelling properties, uniform pore shape, yellow and white color, and preserve the original nutrients. Labor-saving, no oil fume, clean and hygienic, microwave power adjustable, temperature controllable, temperature control and microwave linkage.

Machine specification.
1.Machine: AVN30kw
2.Power: 30kw
3. Dimension:11600*1360*1700mm
4. Working:continuously
5. Puff temperature:100-120 degree
6. Capacity: 70-80 Kg per hour.

Weclome your letter on machine inquiry if you have plan on microwave Prawn Cracker puff machine.