Mosquito coil process drying machine

Mosquito coil process drying machine.
Machine power 12kw, 30kw, 60kw, 100kw.

Mosquito coil process drying machine

Mosquito coil production line adopts mechanized enterprises and advanced technology and technology from raw material processing, ingredient measurement, stirring and mixing, stamping forming, drying and other processes.

Especially in the drying process, after the microwave drying equipment is used, the process is reasonable, the heat is even and appropriate, the detection method is advanced, the parameters are controllable and adjustable, and the degree of automation is high. The dryed mosquito coil does not warp and deform, and has high strength and fragile.

The quality of mosquito-repellent incense products has been greatly improved, thus solving the unsolved problems in existing domestic mosquito-repellent incense drying enterprises. The microwave mosquito coil dryer is reliable, easy to operate, and the price is favorable.

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