Microwave wheat germ drying sterilization equipment

Microwave wheat germ drying sterilization equipment is well used in drying and sterilizing wheat germ.

Microwave wheat germ drying sterilization equipment

Wheat germ, also known as malt powder or embryo, is one of the organs involved in the sprouting and growth of wheat, accounting for about 2.5% of the entire wheat grain. It is rich in vitamins E and B1, as well as protein, making it highly nutritious. The germ is the source of life for wheat and the most nutritionally valuable part of wheat. It contains abundant protein, vitamins, minerals, and all 18 essential amino acids for the human body. Processed products like wheat germ oil, capsules, and wheat germ powder are excellent health foods and have beneficial effects on blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, lipid control, anti-aging, skin beauty, and fatigue reduction.

Using microwave equipment for drying and sterilizing wheat germ has excellent results:

  1. Short time and fast speed: Typically, it only takes 3 to 4 minutes, significantly saving time.
  2. Drying, sterilization, insect control, and mold prevention can all be done simultaneously, reducing processing time.
  3. It greatly preserves the effective nutritional components of the raw materials, maintains their original color, and extends the freshness and shelf life of the materials.
  4. The equipment is simple, advanced in technology, easy to operate, saves space, conserves energy, and improves working conditions.

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