Gelatin drying machine

Gelatin drying machine to make Gelatin powder.

Gelatin drying machine

Gelatin powder is a flavorless, translucent substance that is derived from collagen, which is a protein found in the connective tissues, bones, and skin of animals. It is commonly used as a gelling agent in food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Gelatin powder is sold in both granulated and sheet form, and it can be dissolved in hot water and then solidified as it cools to create a gel-like substance.

As the demand for gelatin powder increases, the production of gelatin needs to increase the yield. But the drying of gelatin has been a challenge.Microwave industrial dryer produced by our company can meet the needs of gelatin drying.

The capacity of the gelatin dryer machine.

The gelatin dryer capacity depends on the mositure inside the gelatin. 
The microwave dryer machine is customerized on machine powder. We can make adjust on machines according to needed.

The temperaure of gelatin drying.

The drying temperature is adjustable on different machine working area. It will help to control  gelatin property.

The pictures showing.