Ceramic Tile Dryer Microwave

Microwave dryer machine is mainly used in ceramic drying processing, the main function is: fast drying set curing ceramics.

Ceramic Tile Microwave Dryer.

Microwave dryer machine is mainly used in ceramic drying processing, the main function is: fast drying set curing ceramics.

Drying is one of the most important processes in the production process of ceramics. Most of the quality defects of ceramic products are caused by improper drying. The drying of the ceramic industry has experienced natural drying, chamber drying, and now continuous dryers with various heat sources, far-infrared dryers, solar dryers and microwave drying technologies. The drying technology is not only related to the product quality and yield of ceramics, but also affect the overall energy consumption of ceramic enterprises. According to statistics, the energy consumption in the drying process accounts for 15% of the total industrial fuel consumption, and in the ceramic industry, the energy consumption for drying accounts for far more than this, so the energy saving in the drying process is related to the enterprise. Energy saving is a big deal. Fast drying speed, energy saving, high quality, and no pollution are the basic requirements for ceramic drying technology in the new century.

The Advantage Of Ceramic Tile Dryer Microwave.

(1) Uniform and fast, which is the main feature of microwave drying. Due to the large penetrating ability of microwave, heat can be generated directly inside the medium when heated. No matter how complicated the shape of the green body is, the heating is uniform and fast, which makes the green body dehydrate quickly, evenly demolded, small in deformation, and not prone to cracks.
(2) Selectivity. Microwave heating is related to the nature of the substance. In a microwave field of a certain frequency, water has a larger dielectric loss than other materials, so water absorbs much more heat than other dry materials; at the same time, due to Microwave heating is carried out on the inside and outside at the same time, and the internal water can be heated quickly and evaporated directly, so that the ceramic body can be heated and demolded in a short time.
(3) High thermal efficiency and sensitive response. Because the heat comes directly from the inside of the dry material, the heat loss in the surrounding medium is very small. In addition, the microwave heating cavity itself does not absorb heat or microwaves, and all radiation acts on the green body. The thermal efficiency high.

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